Rain in The Heart


Every day it always rains despite not entering December. Cold weather enveloped an ever-cloudy afternoon.

But cloudy and the rain did not dampen me for just a trip out to enjoy the trees in the morning dense. I really like the cool atmosphere.

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A Ray of Sunrise




That morning before the sun was blazing, the atmosphere was very peaceful. Cold temperatures combined with warm, warm sunlight began to pierce the jackets.

It appeared to be drizzling at night. The streets become wet, dew dangles at the tops of pine leaves waiting to gather and then fall to earth.

The phenomenon is very beautiful, created in nature.

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Bromo Desert


The sun was blazing but I ignored it. Bromo this season is fast enough to make us thirsty. Despite being on high ground did not guarantee cold temperatures.

One of the highlights of Bromo is the Tengger tribe. Tengger Tribe is a community that inhabits the surrounding bromo national park. They like to wear cowboy hats and blankets to ward off the cold and scorching temperatures of the sun.

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In the City Corner


Summer vacation is about to end. Take advantage of the last days while not busy with the daily agenda. Blue color is the primary color that cools the eyes. The color is very helpful, especially if you plan on vacation to a place that is hot enough. It does not matter if you spend the weekend in the city. You can visit a corner of the city you’ve never met. Maybe you’ll find a good spot.

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Work and Fun


When you will be attending a semi-formal event and afterwards you are invited by your friends to hang out, you may think twice more to determine which clothes can be used in many events at once.

Emm, for example, this time a woman will attend a committee meeting and she is invited to hang out with her friends to the water dam.

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Black & White Striped


Hello guys, in this morning who are you today?

For all muslim, we wish you have a great  and unforgetable ramadhan this year. Are you fell getting hungry? I hope you all can hold up till adzan maghrib, hehehe.

Okay, in this weekend. I will share about ootd again. Why lately i post this theme? Yeahhh, because wee not had time to traveling. You know to travelling must well prepared. Moverover we have academic responbility to be done.

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An Investigation


Hello guys! We are so sorry because too late to update, yeah because you all know we had a big task, wkwk. Okay in this afternoon we will share about ootd. The theme is casual vintage look. We inspired to take some photos with model professional detective (but this woman, hehe) and glass for background. This made vintage effect look like 50’s movie.

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Browny Glamour Hijab


Hello friends, this week a new update for you. This time, the theme is glamour ootd. Okay, let’s see.

In Surabaya, the last few weeks the weather is changing. Usually, when sunny morning, when daylight began cloudy and light rain when the night. The fatigue is felt, wish I had spent the week with my hobby.

In the event of photography which I join, @dianaarianti wearing clothes that quite fascinating. The location in a park in the town center. With the cloudy weather, I set the value of ISO 800 on my camera to capture more light.

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Ending of this Year

Helo-helo, tidak terasa ya tahun 2016 sudah mau berakhir. Di tahun yang bukan kabisat ini, mimin mau share inspirasi ootd buat para cowok yang ingin tampil fresh dipenghujung tahun, hehehe.

Baju yang dikenakan adalah model strip horizontal dengan warna biru kehitaman. Strip horizontal cocok buat kamu yang memiliki postur tubuh kurus, sehingga dengan elemen garis horizonal memberikanmu kesan lebih berisi. Jaket blue jeans juga bisa kamu kenakan untuk mengeluarkan “kelakian” dari dalam dirimu. Chinos oliver sangat cocok bila dipadukan dengan atasan, tak lupa ikat pinggang warna coklat supaya lebih terlihat macho. Yang terakhir adalah sneaker warna putih juga asik untuk digunakan ketika jalan-jalan.


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