Work and Fun


When you will be attending a semi-formal event and afterwards you are invited by your friends to hang out, you may think twice more to determine which clothes can be used in many events at once.

Emm, for example, this time a woman will attend a committee meeting and she is invited to hang out with her friends to the water dam.

Because the event took place during the day, selected clothes that are not too thick material but also not too thin. It was meant not to spend too much sweat.

The main shirt as a committee has been determined. The color is red. Combined with a pink hijab would be suitable and not so contrasting.

Long white skirt she chose to impress the elegant. Keep in mind where you move to wear clothes that are not easily dirty. For shoes, use white flat shoes also to match with long skirt.

Do not forget, carry accessories such as bags and watches because it is very useful when attending meetings!


With Love

























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