Black & White Striped


Hello guys, in this morning who are you today?

For all muslim, we wish you have a great  and unforgetable ramadhan this year. Are you fell getting hungry? I hope you all can hold up till adzan maghrib, hehehe.

Okay, in this weekend. I will share about ootd again. Why lately i post this theme? Yeahhh, because wee not had time to traveling. You know to travelling must well prepared. Moverover we have academic responbility to be done.

Are you love to visit beach? The best time to enjoy view beach is morning and evening. Black and white stripe gives a different effect. Its contrast when seen from far. However, choicing clothing material is very important. Do not use, thick and make more sweat.

This ootd is simple, but still attracted. Using veil hijab and skirt which same color style is match paired. Vertical stripe make you look taller. And more beautifull when the skirt blowing because wind. Black blouse with ornament in center add elegant impression. Then, wedges woven model which not heavy can you use to walking in dry ground.

Lets, check it out!








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