An Investigation


Hello guys! We are so sorry because too late to update, yeah because you all know we had a big task, wkwk. Okay in this afternoon we will share about ootd. The theme is casual vintage look. We inspired to take some photos with model professional detective (but this woman, hehe) and glass for background. This made vintage effect look like 50’s movie.

Using turban blazer for hijab is nice, suitable for round face. Makeup follow the brown turban balzer, primarily for skin color. We avoid using contrast color because make difraction. Glass is nice too for accesories.

Trench coat make look like detective fashion, usually. Silver color is suitable make glamour impression. The rope is tied to because the model has a banana type body. It make look more slim 😉

And using summer straight cotton pants plus black high heels, after this will your case be solved by this beautiful detective? Hehehe. Vintage is old style, but gold also. See you next article!





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