Coban Baung, awesome waterfall near Malang city


Hello friends, how are you? For you the 3rd grade high school, congratulations already completed the huge task. The enormous task of doing? Yes of course, is a national exam, wkwk. Additionally create more college students who had already been included mid-week, get ready for a trial for you who took called skripsi, hahaha.

Okay, for this week bikinbaperblog want updates about traveling. Can for you who live in the area of Malang and Surabaya to come here. Because it was not so far from the two cities. To relieve boredom after a working day, hehe.


Because it is still in the rainy season, we will take you to a cool waterfall. The name is Coban Baung. Coban is located at the foot of the Mountain Baung, Purwodadi. Its location is very strategic as well as from the city, is only 20 KM away from Malang or 90 KM from the city of Surabaya. In addition, the position is behind Purwodadi Botanical Garden. So if you’re here to get two places at once, hehehe.

To visit, from Surabaya, left the road just before the entrance Purwodadi there is a small road entrance to the south. While that of the direction of Malang, the driveway is on the right path after Purwodadi. From the main road about 200 meters will be encountered gate and guardhouse of Coban Baung.

From the gate, you need to be tracking approximately 400 meters. During the trip, you would see big trees because it is located in a protected forest area. In fact you can see wild monkeys. In the rainy season, the roads quite slippery and mossy. Need to be careful too because the road is pretty steep. Quite fun when down it, like it was in the center forest, hehehe. If you want, can also be used for photography concept for some pretty interesting places.

Unfortunately due to a pretty good tourism potential is not well developed. Seen a few places and facilities just left stalled. With a ticket price of 5000 – 7500 rupiah and 5,000 rupiah a parking ticket, it paid off when we saw this beautiful waterfall.


















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