Browny Glamour Hijab


Hello friends, this week a new update for you. This time, the theme is glamour ootd. Okay, let’s see.

In Surabaya, the last few weeks the weather is changing. Usually, when sunny morning, when daylight began cloudy and light rain when the night. The fatigue is felt, wish I had spent the week with my hobby.

In the event of photography which I join, @dianaarianti wearing clothes that quite fascinating. The location in a park in the town center. With the cloudy weather, I set the value of ISO 800 on my camera to capture more light.

Wearing hijab russet and patterned polka dots, giving the impression of bustling but not intrusive.

To look harmonious, long-sleeved shirt color matched with the color brown as well, but with a darker color. I like her models, such as scout uniforms for women.

For jewelry, sterling gold pendant female beeswax with not so big size is perfect paired with a long-sleeved shirt she wore.

Beige culottes pants look cute. Maybe it’s because the color is not hard. Color matched with the top. Pants culottes suitable for your high activity, makes it easy to move around freely.

In order to perform optimally, you can wearing white wedges. Be careful when matching with pants, so didnt look weird.

Hope can inspire you!






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