Coban Watu Ondo, Beautiful Waterfall on The Side of The Road

Halloo goodnight friends, meet again with bikinbaperblog! Excuse me if we are only able to post again for travel articles. It’s known, we had been busy with a final task to complete bachelor studies, hehehe.

To you who are both struggling, we will also pray for you. For those who still go college, live college with gusto!


Okay. A few days ago, at the start of college where not too busy, I drive a motorcycle to town via the Batu – Cangar. Actually, my intentions were just sunmori/ sunday morning ride, the term of the motovlogger on Youtube * glasses *. But the side of the road there is a gate waterfall , just made me curious. Then I turn around and parked my vehicle there.


The first impression of this place is the atmosphere is cool, clean and spacious. Good for hanging out with friends or family. When I got there, while still showing 9.00 so it is quiet (just seen some of the vehicles of visitors). Once ready, immediately bought the entry tickets and get down to the location.


Passable road to the waterfall is steep and may be a distance of about 300 meters. But do not worry friends, there is a rest stop for rest and handrails side of a cliff in order to be careful when getting off and walking up. Do not forget to bring water to drink, because quite tiring for those who are not accustomed to climb when returning to the car park.

The sound of water falling from above give rise to distinct impression. It feels tired way here paid off, even more. Waterfall suitable when visited in the rainy season. Remain cautious, because when overcast arrived promptly leave the location.




Here, you will find two waterfalls. Only the high and the other is not really high, hehehe. Well its not really high this might be called the Watu Ondo for the cliffs staircase steps. In both the waterfall you can shower, do not be surprised if the water is cold, hehe, it’s because their water directly from the mountains. If you are a photographer, suitable ya to learn long exposure and folk genre.



For public facilities, provided the coffee shop and toilets as well as some cool gazebo for chatting.

So when do you want here?


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