Delicious the Middle East (Yaman) Food

Hello guys, good morning! N’ happy weekend for all. In this day, we will share about food. The foods are special because not all place sell this 😉

It’s started when my friend whos name Ersal & same high school with me come to Surabaya. He just finished study english courses at kampung inggris. He plan to travel just in two days. So, he stay overnight at boarding house with my bro Zaenal.

He decided to visit Ampel religious tourism. We there are i’m, Zaenal and Ersal go to the place at seven o’clock because if we go at noon surely crowded n’ make lazy alias mager, wkwkwk.

After surrounds the place, we feel hungry. I have an idea, moreever we haven’t breakfast so i took them to a exsotic foods place. That is Middle East Restaurant 😀  after all, the restaurant is not far from the religious tourism.


This is “all the team”, hehehe. 



Zaenal chose “Nasi Kabsah“. This food is typical of Saudi Arabia food, that has very strong aroma from spices. Served whith two slices of roast beef, which taken from the marinade seasoning of nasi kabsah. Also given some pickles.



I chose “Nasi Afghanis“. The Afghanistan food tasted newly on my tongue. It was sweet and rich in spices as well as mixed with raisins. The food color is brown so make it interisting. Served with two slices of roast beef and some pickles too.



and Ersal chose “Nasi Kebuli“. This food originally came from the Middle East too, brought by merchants to Batavia. Cooked with mutton broth, cumin oil and exacly spices. Similiarly served with raisins, roast beef n’ pickles.



To relieve thirst, we order different drinks. From left to right, there are ginger milk, cinnamon, and ice tea.



The restaurant also sells other Middle East food. So  which foods would you like to try? 


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