Another Side of Lawu’s Mountain Slope


Hi guys, what do you think about mountain slope? Fresh air? Hills? or who sell cilok or roasted corn? Hehehe. All true. Sometimes we feel so bored with all long day activities which we did. Therefore we need refeshing, one of which is mountain slope.

In mountain slope we get fresh air, some people are like with this situation. Feel better and relax. At chrismas holiday, we visited Lawu’s mountain slope. Is quite far from Yogyakarta, approximatelly 100 kilometers. If you from Solo, you just riding or driving as far as 30 kilometers.



In Karanganyar regency – Central Java – Indonesia, there are some interesting sights to visit. There are :

  1. Cetho temple,
  2. Sukuh temple,
  3. Jumog waterfall, and the last is
  4. Kemuning tea gardens.

However, at this time we visit only two destination because we have shot time, hiks-hiks. The first is Cetho temple. The location of this temple are so high. Need some extra effort to come here. The road to here is very extreme, a lot of sharp turns along steep slopes. Road also not wide. So, its not recommend to ride or drive if you its first time here. Its better to replace the driver with a more expert.


looooong (high angle) steep road

I ‘ve arrived at Cetho temple, hehehe. Just with seven thousand rupiah for paying ticket, we can visit the temple which was built on 700 years ago. But before going, we are obliged to wear a sarong to respect for places of worship of Hindu religion. Its free.


if you visit this place at 9 am, maybe you’ll get your picture silhouette in the results, as we showed, huhu. So it is better you come here in the morning or late afternoon. These are some photos of the temple, cekitdot!


Gate of temple.


This temple is symmetrical.


This statue are fairly high, about 50 cm.

The temple complex when first discovered the stone ruins on the 14 terrace / punden storey, extending from west to east. Updates in the late 1970s conducted by Sudjono Humardani, personal assistant Suharto, changed a lot of the original structure of the temple, although the concept punden retained. Several new object updates the results are considered to have no original is a gate at the front part of the complex, the buildings of the wooden hermitage, the sculptures attributed as Sabdapalon, Nayagenggong, Brawijaya V, and Phallus, and there was the top of the cube building punden. Then during the regents karanganyar, Rina Iriani put a statue of Goddess Saraswati, the contribution of Gianyar, on the east abagian the temple complex, on punden higher than building a cube.

Ceto temple complex now consists of nine levels of terraces. Before the large arch-shaped temple moment, seen two pairs of statues guard. The first level after the gate into the courtyard of the temple. The second level is still a page and the third level there is petilasan Ki Ageng Krincingwesi, the ancestral village communities CETO. On the right wall of the gate. There are inscriptions in Old Javanese script reads Pelling Padamel irikang tirtasunya book hawakira ya saka sometimes lost wiku goh anaut iku. The interpretation of the text tends function of the temple to cleanse themselves (ruwat) and peyebutan year of manufacture of the gate, which in 1397 Saka or in AD 1475 AD. Seventh terraces settings there is a flat rock on the ground depicting a giant tortoise, solar Majapahit. Turtles are the symbol of creation of the universe, while the penis is a symbol of human creation. There are depictions of other animals, such as mimi, frogs and crabs. On the eighth level there is a statue phallus (called “kuntobimo”) on the north side and the statue of the King UB V in the form of Mahadeva. Worship of this statue symbolizes the gratitude and hope of an abundant fertility of the earth. And the last is the ninth level is the highest level as a place of prayer climbing. Here there is a cube-shaped stone building.


Surya Majapahit, from one up terraces.


Javanese traditional house, with four pillar.


Its look old.


The highest pillar gate.


Only for Hindu’s worship places.


Tradicional dress.


From the top, 1400 meters above sea level, wow.

After that, let’s go down this temple and tea gardens! The location is not so far from the temple, about 3 kilometers we can see the beautiful green garden. For the way it is, you take the road towards the Karanganyar city.


Machu Picchu? No!


Plantation location looks very extreme.


Amazing place!


There will not be in town.


The background is Lawu mountain.


This is Indonesia!


So, will you enjoy the warm atmoshere in the tea garden with me?


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