Kedai DD Eatery

Holla guys! Happy weekend for all of you! This is the last weekend of January 2017. I hope your weekend will be happy and full of love.

For your information, today, we (admin of bikinbaper) will create English articles, so you guys can read and more comprehend about the articles yaay!

In this special day, why do I call it special? It is because today I am active again and give you information about foods, ootds, and travels. A few days ago, I was very busy, it’s all about my thesis (‘kay now I’m in semester 8), buuuuttttt yatta finnaly I have a break to continue posting more articles.


timbel rice wrapped in banana leaf

Okay, now I will discuss about food hunter. The name is Kedai DD Eatery. Its location is in front of Forestry Gadjah Mada University, near Cokro Tela Cake. The place is minimalist and pleasant fot having chitchat with your friends. Kedai DD Eatery has a main menu, named Nasi Timbel or Timbel Rice. Nasi timbel is a hot dish consisted of steamed rice wrapped inside a banana leaf. It is a traditional Sundanese cuisine from West Java. The heat of the hot-cooked rice touches the banana leaf and produces a unique aroma. The way to make it is pretty similar like lontong; compressed, rolled, and wrapped in banana leaves; then it evolves into a complete dish served with various side dishes such as fried chicken, empal gepuk (fried beef), jambal roti (salted fish), tahu goreng, tempeh, salted duck egg, sayur asem, with lalab and sambal. Nasi timbel is evolved to nasi bakar.

I ordered some main menus, there are mushroom steak 12k, nasi timbel with egg 8k, and fried mushroom 8k as snack. The drinks are green tea milkshake 8k, chocolate milkshake 8k, and fresh water.

First, I ate mushroom steak, it tasted crispy and the sauce was much melted in my mouth. Second, I ate the masterpiece of this cafe, which was nasi timbel, I chose nasi timbel with egg in various side dishes liked fried tofu, tempeh, sayur asem, lalab, and sambal. The taste was tastyand it mixed perfectly with side dishes given in the Javanese taste. When you tried to open banana leaf, the aroma was so strong and distinctive. The third was fried mushroom. Similar to mushroom steak, it tasted crispy with mayonnaise and sauce.

After enjoying the meals, I drank green tea milkshake. As the name, green tea had a delicate flavor and it shoke in my mouth. So smooth and fresh. I thought that I had not satisfied with green tea milkshake, so I ordered chocolate milkshake. The taste was sweet and creamy. At last,  I drank water to neutralize my throat.

Oh, yeah, when you visit to Kedai DD Eatery on Friday, you will get free breakfast with green chili soto. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s visit this place and enjoy your day!


the drinks


the foods


timbel rice


mushroom steak


fried mushroom with mayonaise and red hot sauce


greentea milkshake, chocolate milkshake, water


free breakfast


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